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Big Dreams for your Little One’s Future

Welcome to Royal International School

…Where Curiosity & Learning Starts. Royal International School is a private day care and learning center with global view. While the Houston area offers your child a window to the world, our school offers your child an international education that is unmatched by other schools.

Looking for a place where your child can learn and grow at his or her own pace? A place filled with adventure and where crafts fuel creativity? Do you seek an environment where your little one is safe to explore and discover? A child’s need to start with a big dream, big smiles, and big hearts. Here, we meet the highest standards that are required for child care and learning centers. We nurture the curiosity of each child so they will grow in knowledge and in the confidence of their capabilities while providing a safe place for children.

Our Mission Statement

...committed to journeying with each student in discovering that path, while insuring their success and productivity for the future"

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