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Big Dreams for your Little One’s Future


In our Kindergarten program, your child will establish a firm foundation in reading, phonics, spelling, writing, mathematics, science and social studies. In addition to course subjects, impactful instruction in art, music, computer skills, Spanish language, and physical education will enhance your child’s learning experience.

Our Curriculum

Art Appreciation

KindergartenWe teach art appreciation as well as practical skills, such as lettering, poster making, balance, and design. Students are urged to examine their surroundings and notice differences, learn shading, drawing and perspective.


Students learn the basics of proper keyboarding and simple word processing. We use fun, challenging computer-based projects to enhance the classroom curriculum.
Additionally, teachers employ Internet-based projects to reinforce skills and bring a new dimension to the learning process.

Language Arts – Reading

The phonics training begins in kindergarten continues and expands in each lower elementary year. By the middle of first grade, most children can read and comprehend any book or story suitable to their individual interests.

The reading program continues in the second and third grades, with particular emphasis on reading comprehension and vocabulary development. Emphasis is placed on higher-order skills, pushing students to analyze, deduce, evaluate and formulate opinions and make connections.

Language Arts – Writing

We use the workshop method to encourage students to develop writing skills on a daily basis. Students are encouraged to write and think for themselves. The process—rather than the product—is emphasized.

Students learn and practice vocabulary taken from the writing process. The mechanics of writing—spelling, grammar, handwriting, and organization—are taught as an integral part of all communication.


Mathematics instruction stresses a clear understanding of the mechanics of mathematical computations. By the end of Grade 3, students are expected to have mastered addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. In these grades, we also emphasize reasoning and estimating.

Additionally, we use manipulatives to make concepts concrete; critical thinking skills are an integral part of the process. We emphasize the importance of mathematics by focusing on problem solving and real world application.


Students receive instruction in percussive arts, vocal music, and violin, with certified teachers for each group.

Physical Education

Physical education is an important part of the overall growth of the Village School student.  Daily exercise, healthy competition, and student camaraderie are all important parts of the program.  Students are educated and evaluated on skill development, by implementing and exposing students to fun and thoughtful drills and games.  

Each sports unit is completed with an exciting tournament, which encourages healthy competition.  Conditioning and fun game days are also a part of their weekly routine.


Earth, life and physical sciences are taught using a hands-on approach that coordinates the elementary science lab with classroom instruction.

Social Studies

Students learn history, geography and map skills. Much of the focus in social studies is expressed through hands-on activities and projects, films, video and field trips.

Spanish and French

Formal instruction provides students with the tools necessary to understand and converse in a second language.

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